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Everything You Need To Know About Your First Class at Zenitry!

FAQ Pilates Yoga BarreWhen should I arrive?

Doors open 15 minutes before class begins to give you time to choose your spot, set up your mat and get props if needed.

If you are late, do not worry. Please wait quietly by the door and enter when the class begins to move.

What should I bring?

We have mats that you may borrow (these are fully cleaned once a week) and all the props you might need.

Feel free to bring your own yoga mat, if you like.

What should I wear?

Something comfortable that let’s you move around freely and that won’t bunch around your face if you expect to go upside down.

We have a changing room for your convenience and cubbies for your personal belongings. For safety, leave all valuables in your vehicle.

How should I register?

We love for you to register online, which saves both you and us time. If something happens and you don’t show up, we don’t charge you! Signing up will help us check you in quickly (just say your name upon arrival) and will reserve your spot in the class. Our lovely desk staff will gladly help you to purchase classes in person if you prefer to do so.

Should I eat before class?

Not too much. It is recommended for yoga that you eat at least two hours before your class to give the stomach ample time to empty before exercise. But if you need sustenance, do what is right for your body.

Can I bring my kids?

Kids 13 and up are welcome in our adult classes. For younger kids ages 10-12 please discuss with the teacher. Children 6 to 12 can also come to the kids yoga class on Tuesdays at 4:00pm. Please check our online schedule for kids classes.

If I sign up online and can’t make it?

If you are near a computer, ipad or smart phone, you can go to the Mindbody app and cancel from there. If you are not near one of these devices, no worries: when you don’t show up, the unused class will revert to your account.

Are you hiring?

We are almost always hiring. We strive to have the most incredible teachers offering classes at Zenitry.  We also hire work studies to work our front desk and as cleaning crew. Work study is not a paid position, but an exchange for class time.  If you are interested in becoming a work study at Zenitry please fill out our online application and Cricket will call you for an interview. Work Study Application


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